Laura McGonigal


Hi, I’m Laura, and I help people buy and sell real estate.   Of course, there are over a million people who can say the same thing. Here’s what sets me apart from the others: 

Technological Expertise
My web marketing strategy goes beyond making sure listings are accurately posted and distributed to hundreds of websites. I advertise listings by seeking buyers where they are, which is on consumer-friendly sites like Trulia, Google, Craigslist, and Facebook. And for buyer clients, I provide information about school ratings, road construction projects, tax rate comparisons, and community growth, so you have all the data available to help you find your perfect house.
I practically live on my iPhone. If I can’t respond to an e-mail right away, (and to me, “right away” means within a few minutes,) I’ll probably be able to text a quick response, or answer an in-depth question within a few hours. 
Aggressive Marketing
In a market like this one, selling a house goes beyond making sure the property looks good in the MLS and on other websites. I market each listing to lists of potential buyers specifically targeted by geographical area and price range. 
Please contact me because I’d love the opportunity to earn your business.